Exclusive KeraTriplex® technology repairs and rebuilds dry, damaged hair caused by heat styling and chemical processing.

  • Moisturizing Lather Shampoo
  • Keratin Intensive Treatment
  • Keratin Cream Rinse
  • KeraTriplex Treatment
  • HydraTriplex Treatment
  • Essence Of Awapuhi Fragrance .34oz
  • Mirrorsmooth Conditioner 3.4oz
  • Mirrorsmooth High Gloss Primer 3.4oz.
  • Mirrorsmooth Shampoo 33.8oz
  • Anti Frizz Hairspray 2.3oz.
  • Finishing Spray 9.1oz
  • Hydrocream Whip 6.8oz
  • Hydromist Spray 5.1oz
  • Shine Spray 3.3oz
  • Styling Treatment Oil 3.4oz
  • Texturizing Sea Spray 5.1oz
  • Wild Ginger Dry Shampoo 2oz.
  • No Blowout HydroCream 1.7oz

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