Neuro®tools and the NeuroTM Liquid collection are performance-engineered products built to take the heat. Unique features like SmartSense technology and HeatCTRL® thermal protection set Neuro apart from other brands.

A must-have to perfect and protect hair during blow-drying, smoothing and heat styling, Neuro delivers the results you want every time. Creative vision, powered bycutting-edge technology: that’s intelligent styling.

  • Neuro Liquid Finish HeatCTRL Style Spray
  • Neuro Liquid Lather HeatCTRL Shampoo
  • Neuro Liquid Lift HeatCTRL Volume Foam
  • Neuro Liquid Prime HeatCTRL Blowout Primer
  • Neuro Liquid Protect HeatCTRL Iron Spray
  • Neuro Liquid Repair HeatCTRL Treatment
  • Neuro Liquid Rinse HeatCTRL Conditioner
  • Neuro Reshape HeatCTRL Memory Styler
  • Neuro Restore Overnight Repair

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