This product is a must have in any hair salon!

I am honored to explain why my team and I cannot get enough of the Nex-gen Bonder! The product is extremely important to us when doing bleaching services because nex-gen acts as a bridge on the hair parts that are weak or close to breaking. This product is a must have in any hair salon! At our salon, we  care not only how the hair looks but how the hair feels. Integrity of the hair is our number one focus and Nex-gen gets us there! Thanks so much for allowing us to use this product and create a loyalty with our clients that we will forever look out for their hair!

Moriah C. / Lemon Tree

The next generation of bonders | Free from formaldehyde, parabens and animal products.

The Bonder Kit Contains: 

  • NexGen Bond Creator No1
  • NexGen Bond Fortifier No2
  • Pump
  • Pump with Measuring Cup

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