Pure Color Pigment

What it does: Vibrant, pure color tones increase your creative formulation options when using Paul Mitchell® the color and PM SHINES®.

  • Available in 5 vivid colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue and Violet.
  • Recommended amount of Color Shots® per 2 oz. of c olor: 3 shots.
  • Maximum amount of Color Shots® per 2 oz. of c olor: 6 shots.
  • If 3-6 shots of Col or Shots® per 2 oz. of c olor are used, additional developer is not necessary.
  • Important: Color Shots® is NOT recommended to be used alone, or with the color XG®, POP XGTM, The Demi, Paul Mitchell® lighteners or INKWORKS®.

How it works: Intensifies or neutralizes tones in permanent, semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair color formulas.

Added bonus: Delivers true-to-tone, radiant results that endure.


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