Dual Purpose Lightener: For use on- and off-scalp. Lifts up to 7 levels quickly. Natural conditioning agents and oils help retain moisture. White dust-free powder lightener.

Synchrolift: Ultra-quick blue powder lightener. Lifts up to 7 levels quickly and gently. Mixes to a cremy consistency that resists swelling. Potato starch and zero fragrance.

Skylight: Hand-painting clay lightener. Ideal for precision with freehand application techniques, including balayage and highlights. No transfer.

Lighten Up: On- and off-scalp blonding paste. Lifts up to 5 levels quickly and gently. Suitable for on- and off-scalp techniques, especially on fine, fragile hair.

Blue Oil Lightener: On- and off-scalp application. Lifts up to 5 levels quickly and gently. When mixed, it becomes the ideal gel consistency for easy mixing and precise application.

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