Today, cosmetic sales average nearly $6 Billion annually. Most of these dollars come from over the counter vendors, be it drug stores or department stores. In a sea of choices, and contradicting advertising - how is a woman to decide which product is best suited for her? Ultimate Face believes that the best guide in the beauty jungle is the highly trained professional stylist or makeup artist. These glamour gurus can help a woman sort through their options based on a personal consultation and recommendations. The Ultimate Face business systems support the stylists by minimizing time and maximizing profits. Ultimate Face salons are able to provide celebrity level service to beauty loving clients who are not cash poor, but time poor. We help the professional stylist deliver a profitable experience that builds a loyal client base.

  • Ultimate Face Eye Duo Pencils
  • Ultimate Face Defining Wax
  • Ultimate Face Lash Sculpt Mascara
  • Ultimate Face Ink Gel Eyeliner
  • Ultimate Face Color Wheel Matte Palette
  • Ultimate Face Shimmer Palette

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